Bleuuuuuuuuuughhh it’s Farage again

Nigel Farage has made the news again. Perhaps ‘made the news’ is an inaccurate phrase, when he constantly resides there; like a nicotine-stained lodger living the back of a tabloid. The most recent news about him is that he was pictured proudly holding a rare breed of shark he’d caught on a sea-fishing trip. ‘Pictured’ is in fact too passive a description: he posted this picture on Twitter as a jokey aside to being ‘depressed about Brexit.’ I think Farage would punch a leopard in the face if it meant he’d stay in the news.

Nigel Farage is like seeing Top Gear on Dave or seeing your neighbour’s cat pissing on your shrubs. It’s one of those things you see or hear, turn to whoever you’re with and say “Jesus Christ, is that Farage again?”

He’s threatened to return to leader of UKIP if Brexit is stalled beyond March 2019, he’s criticised the Tory government, he’s criticised the Trump baby blimp: we expected all of this. Let’s stop covering Farage, we get what we inevitably expected. His presence is just another layer of the current atmosphere of reactionary politics that needs to be shed.


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